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I wouldn't call myself a writer, actually i don't even really know how to write a blog, but I'm going to give it try. I'm not entirely sure what these "Blogs" will be about. Random thoughts, rants, maybe even song lyric ideas. Maybe.

Something I want to talk about is my re-branding. But what does that even mean? I'm not sure.. But why i wanted to do this was because of a recent encounter. I gig (for those who are wondering what a "gig" is, no its not in reference to data, internet, but rather a term a musician uses when we/they perform somewhere, a gig.) quite frequently, more so during the warmer the seasons, less so in the colder seasons, but I was asked "are you online?" "where can i find you?" "what is your name so i can search?". Now normally i would say "Yes i am online, you can search my name on facebook: H-a-y-l-e-e H-o-a-n-i" and then they would ask if i could write that down. I also have business cards, but for the life of me I can never find the damn things when i need them! Anyway back to the story, so this recent encounter made me think. How could this be made easier? A catchy name! Something simple. Short. I decided to do some brainstorming-which means I asked my parents for a suggestion- in which one of them said "Hayz spelt h-a-y-z" I thought. it wasn't quite right. It needed something. An extra letter.. hayez? No. Hayes? No. Hayze? Maybe. But still it lacked soemthing.. H-A-Y-Z-E. Yeah, i quite like that. And that was it. I Re-branded. Was there a point to this blog? Not entirely. Did anyone want or need to know? Well i don't know. Maybe i just like typing on this keyboard. Maybe i wanted you to know. Maybe i'll keep doing it. Stay tuned for another Pointless blog by HAYZE! Coming to a web near you! haha lame.....

Okay. I'll stop. Now. Byyyyyyyyye

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