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About Haylee Hoani

Haylee, is a solo musician. She first started her music journey when she was just 8 years old. Fascinated by watching her parents perform live shows, she decided that was what she wanted to do. She started out singing backing vocals in her parents band at the age of 8, then progressed to lead vocals alongside her father at the age of 11. They would play at festivals, Weddings, Private functions and Corporate events. When Haylee turned 13, she learnt how to play guitar. She would use sites such as YouTube and a popular guitar tab site to learn. She then started writing her own songs and would spend many hours hold up in her bedroom playing guitar and singing. Haylee decided on a solo career when she turned 18 and has been honing her skills, repertoire and experience’s ever since.  Haylee has opened for acts such as Tiki Taane, Jayme McDell and 1814. She also starred in an episode of “My country song” on Maori television and many festivals in the Far north. She now gigs frequently in the Bay of islands, New Zealand.



Northland, New Zealand


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